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World Bank President Visits PADF’s Neighborhood Repair Project

On Wednesday, November 7th, 2012, PADF’s PRODEPUR-HABITAT project was visited by World Bank President, Dr. Jim Yong Kim, United Nations Deputy Special Envoy to Haiti, Dr. Paul Farmer, and the Minister of Economy and Finance in Haiti, Marie-Carmelle Jean-Marie. The visit of the World Bank-funded PRODEPUR-HABITAT, which works to rehabilitate homes and neighborhoods devastated by the January 12th, 2010 earthquake, included key World Bank personnel and associated actors.

“This is absolutely superb,” Josef Leitmann, Manager Director of the World Bank’s Haiti Reconstruction Fund, commented upon touring the repaired roads and homes of the particularly hard-hit zone of Delmas 32. “PADF is doing a fantastic work.”

After the earthquake, PADF evaluated over 400,000 earthquake-affected homes to ensure that the population had safe homes to return to. Homes that were un-safe were marked for either repair or demolition, and to date PADF has repaired over 9,000 of these homes. In certain zones, such as Delmas 32, PADF has implemented an integrated neighborhood approach that not only repairs homes, but removes rubble, rehabilitates roads and passageways, and forms macons and engineers on para-seismic techniques. The latest phase of the reparation project, under the Government of Haiti program PRODEPUR-HABITAT, continues PADF’s work of providing Haitian citizens safe homes and revitalized neighborhoods to live in.

World Bank President Dr. Kim got to see this first hand as he heard testimonials from beneficiaries of PRODEPUR-HABITAT.  Both young and old, they recounted to him the hardship they experienced after the earthquake such as living in sweltering tents and having all of their belongings destroyed. “I thank God everyday for this project, for allowing me once again to have a home,” One elderly resident of Delmas 32 explained to Dr. Kim.

“Today was an important day not only for our project, but for Haiti as well,” PRODEPUR-HABITAT Director Erick Deryce explained.  “We were able to show the transformation that can occur when you invest in infrastructure, and more importantly, neighborhoods. Delmas 32 was completely devastated by the Haiti earthquake, but by making key investments in infrastructure and homes we were able to give the population a true renaissance.”

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