50 Years Creating a Hemisphere of Opportunity for All

50 Years Working in the Hemisphere



Opportunity Changes Everything

If you should know one thing about the Pan Ameri- can Development Foundation (PADF), it’s that for 50 years—and counting!—we’ve grown to become a leading catalyst for opportunity and change throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. In the last five decades we’ve reached more than 50 million people in every country in the Western Hemisphere with $620 million in programs—valued at more than $1 billion today.
Since our founding by the Organization of American States in 1962, we’ve witnessed progress in many areas, with economic opportunity more widely available, civil society institutions flour- ishing in many areas, and a better quality of life improved for millions of people.



Over the years, our programs have generated thousands of jobs, improved basic services and living conditions, upgraded skills training and medical services, protected vital natural resources, and saved lives and property after disasters and humanitarian crises. Naturally, we’re very proud to work with the Organization of American States, and of our accomplishments.



And much MORE.

But we also know this: what we’ve done so far is not enough. We need 21st century solutions to reach more people with integral development solutions that result in long-term change for them.

To get there, we have a lot of work ahead.

And we’re ready.

Partnering has always been at the heart of what we do. So we’re expanding our relationships with private enterprise, local non-profits, municipalities, and international and bilateral donors.

Our goal is to reach more effectively those who have not yet benefitted from the region’s progress—displaced and indigenous groups, communities trapped by poverty and violence, at-risk children and youth, Afro-descendant populations, other ethnic minorities—to help them realize their full potential. But there’s more. We’re also working to increase support for programs that promote democratic values, civic engagement, human rights, and media freedom.



Come and Help Us Build a Hemisphere of Opportunity for All