50 Years Creating a Hemisphere of Opportunity for All

About Us

PADF - A Hemisphere of Opportunity for All

The Pan American Development Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization, is a strategic partner of the Organization of American States that was established in 1962 to implement socio-economic development programs and disaster assistance in Latin America and the Caribbean. For half a century, PADF's innovative work has earned it a much-deserved reputation as a skilled implementer of programs that address key challenges in Latin American and the Caribbean. PADF has produced impressive results throughout the Western Hemisphere. During fiscal year 2013 alone, PADF reached more than 10.2 million people in 22 countries, executing grants from public and private sector partners and promoting corporate social responsibility.

Please see PADF Annual Report for FY 2013

As part of its strategy, PADF engages community-based groups, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), local governments, and the private sector in the process of implementing appropriate solutions for sustainable development. Through these partnerships, PADF seeks to:

In the last 50 years, millions of people living in nearly every country in Latin America and the Caribbean have benefitted from PADF programs. With over $250 million leveraged in development funds in the last five years alone, PADF has helped spur national development partnerships, engage private and public sector resources in regional development, increase family incomes, and promote innovative links between communities and the private sector. PADF’s programs have generated thousands of jobs, saved lives and property, protected vital natural resources, upgraded skills training and medical services, and improved conditions for thousands of disadvantaged Latin American and the Caribbean people.

Our Vision

A Hemisphere of Opportunity for All

Our Mission

The Pan American Development Foundation empowers disadvantaged people and communities in Latin America and the Caribbean to achieve sustainable economic and social progress, strengthen their communities and civil society, promote democracy and governance, and prepare for and respond to natural disasters and humanitarian crises, thereby advancing the principles of the Organization of American States.

Our Values

We are committed to:

  • Results - sustainable, concrete outcomes appropriate for the local context
  • Innovation - creativity, entrepreneurship, collegiality and willingness to take risks to achieve high levels of success
  • Empowerment - valuing local capacity and knowledge and respecting all stakeholders in the development process
  • Excellence - striving for the highest standards of performance in everything we do
  • Teamwork - leadership, open and effective communication, personal and professional growth, and respect for others
  • Partnerships - working as true partners with local civil society, community groups, municipalities, and the private sector  
  • Accountability - transparency, integrity, and responsibility in our operations and all our interactions
  • Inter-American Cooperation - identification with the principles of cooperation and solidarity of the Organization of American States