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In Kind Donations Program

Upgrading Technical Training and Health Services through In-Kind Donations

PADF's In-Kind Donations Program plays an important role in assisting vulnerable communities in the Latin America and Caribbean region. With the support of a network of partners, such as U.S. medical facilities, public agencies, manufacturers, and universities, PADF distributes high-quality new and used equipment, including medical and dental equipment, supplies to health care institutions, and tools to support vocational training.

In the past five decades, PADF's In-Kind Donations Program has reached every country in the Western Hemisphere, supporting projects totaling over $106 million - including $26 million during the past five years - that served more than 62 million low-income beneficiaries.

Donated materials have ranged from hospital beds, dental equipment, neonatal intensive care units, and anesthesia units, to vocational equipment and tools.

In fiscal year 2012, PADF provided $6.1 million of in-kind donations, through 26 shipments of donated medical and hospital equipment, tools and computers that were sent to Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Haiti and Uruguay.


Our In-Kind Donations Program is helping communities throughout the region by:

  • Improving patient care with medical-dental equipment and supplies
  • Providing youth with tools for productive employment
  • Improving technical training for disadvantaged youth
  • Providing tools to increase productivity and employment
  • Providing humanitarian assistance to victims of natural disasters through immediate response, emergency shelter packages and relief supplies
  • Improving municipal and local services by providing vehicles, school buses, ambulances and other materials

"PADF is committed to ensuring that the generosity of donors results in the support of communities who are facing challenges throughout Latin American and the Caribbean region. In-kind donations prove that we can work together to support those communities in effective and targeted ways," says Pilar Heraud, Program Director for In-Kind Donations.

How can you become an In-Kind Donations partner?

1. Contact PADF to discuss in-kind donations and send information about your organization to:

Pilar Heraud
Program Director, In-Kind Donations

2. Provide packing list with fair-market value of items to be donated. Donated goods must be in good working condition and appearance, and must align with PADF's In-Kind Program requirements and local needs.

3. Donate by check or wire transfer:

Pilar Heraud
In-Kind Donations Program
Pan American Development Foundation
1889 F Street, N.W., 2nd Floor
Washington, D.C. 20006

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