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Hearly G. Mayr
Director of Communications and Public Affairs
hmayr@padf.org | work: 202.458.6180 | cell: 202.280.3846

Empowering Youth to Promote Disaster Risk Reduction in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

PADF has launched an innovative 16-month project that engages youth to reduce risks associated with climate change and natural hazards.

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“Law Day” Initiative Helps Bahamian Youth Learn about Laws, Legal Process and Civic Participation

This initiative will offer one-hundred students from eight high schools the opportunity to participate in a job-shadowing program called “Law Day” on October 2.

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PADF and the Trinidad and Tobago Government Launch Anti-Violence and Crime Prevention Program

A multi-year initiative is being launched that seeks to enhance anti-violence and crime prevention efforts in Trinidad and Tobago, and the Caribbean at large

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PADF launches a Regional Conference on Reducing Disaster Risk

The conference shares best practices and lessons learned in disaster risk reduction with a focus on high-risk urban areas in Central America.

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PADF Launches Technical Assistance on Crime Prevention to Key Countries in the Caribbean

With support from the U.S. State Department, PADF launched a multi-year initiative to enhance anti-violence and crime efforts in the Bahamas, Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago

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PADF and OAS Expand Cooperation to Reduce the Threat and Impact of Natural Disasters in LAC region

An agreement between PADF and OAS will expand cooperation on disaster risk reduction issues in the LAC region.

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