Afro-descendants and Indigenous Groups

The Latin America and Caribbean region is characterized by significant racial and ethnic diversity. However, Afro-descendants and indigenous populations experience disproportionate levels of poverty, discrimination, human rights abuses, social exclusion, poor political representation, and other barriers that hinder their development and capacity to compete on equal footing with the rest of the population in the region. 

Income Generation and Employment

Latin America and the Caribbean, which is a result of limited access to the formal labor market, often due to lack of education and discrimination, and barriers in access to financial resources and entrepreneurship development. This is often made worse by unfavorable economic conditions in many areas with predominantly Afro-descendant and indigenous populations, which face stagnant market conditions and limited formal employment opportunities.

To strengthen these populations, PADF and its partners focus on identifying viable economic opportunities and financial resources to invest on income generating projects capitalizing on the competitive advantages of these groups in order to generate income and employment. PADF reaches out to private sector corporations interested in the implementation of inclusive business partnerships that help develop sustainable community-based tourism and economic activities, improve entrepreneurship and business skills, provide vocational training, and enhance access to the labor market.

Human Capital Building and Organizational Strengthening 

PADF understand the challenges that Afro-descendants and indigenous communities face and uses innovative approaches to ensure their full participation. PADF does so by strengthening the capacity of local organizations in order to fight racism and discrimination more effectively, protect human rights, carry out advocacy, enhance participation of Afro-descendant and indigenous people in the democratic processes of their countries, and achieve effective political participation in the decision making at the local, national, and regional levels. Our programs also help organizations better understand the needs of their communities, express their concerns, evaluate government programs and public policy, develop public and private partnerships, and design and manage their own development projects.

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