Capacity Building

To foster resilient communities, engaged societies, and more effective local governments, PADF partners with civil society organizations and municipalities to strengthen their capacity to better respond to community needs. We believe that addressing community needs and increasing citizen participation in civic matters are fundamental for a healthy democracy. Over five decades, PADF has successfully developed and strengthened thousands of community-based groups, NGOs, and municipalities throughout the Americas, enhancing the way they work with communities, and in the case of local governments how they assist their citizens and govern.

Building Resilient Communities

Building strong communities requires engaging people of diverse backgrounds in a community and empowering them to face a wide range of development challenges. For this reason, PADF develops programs that include capacity-building classes, training and awareness-raising of key issues that are relevant to communities.  These include violence, child and youth exploitation, human trafficking, human rights, discrimination, labor rights, disaster mitigation and preparedness and many others. 

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Supporting Better Governance

PADF supports strengthening local governments to ensure they are better prepared to respond to the needs of communities. Doing so enables local officials to better manage municipal institutions and deal with local challenges. PADF trains officials in critical areas such as management, planning, and citizen participation, and provides technical assistance and other resources. This helps local governments to face problems with greater efficiency, effectiveness and transparency. 

Mobilizing Diaspora Remittances for Development

Diaspora remittances continue to be a strong source of income for millions of people in the Americas.  For a decade, PADF has worked with diaspora groups to channel funding for transnational development projects in their communities of origin. Through this approach, U.S.-based immigrant groups direct community remittances to projects that generate jobs and raise family incomes back home. In turn, PADF provides training and capacity-building programs for the partner immigrant groups on prioritizing development needs, raising funds and implementing and evaluating projects they support.

Empowering Civil Society and Communities


 PADF has extensive experience strengthening civil society organizations throughout the Americas, building the capacity of local non-governmental organizations and municipalities by working side by side to face many issues. This approach has developed much needed leadership and improved how organizations tackle community challenges. PADF also trains local leaders in areas such as planning, management, fundraising and citizen participation, and provides technical assistance and other resources. This helps communities tackle local problems with efficiency, effectiveness and transparency, enabling grassroots democracy to grow.

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