Clean Water for Haitian Families

Join us in creating safer and healthier futures for 300 Haitian families

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In Haiti, about a third of the population struggles to access clean water.

Scarcity of safe drinking water and sanitation services contributes to the spread of preventable diseases, killing nearly one million people worldwide every year. In Haiti, millions struggle to find clean, affordable drinking water. For survival, they turn to sources of untreated water that can cause deadly illnesses.

According to the World Health Organization, about one third of all Haitians do not have access to clean drinking water. Together with your help, PADF and CaribDA are working to change this.

In 2017, CaribDA and PADF teamed up to provide over 200 water filtration systems to schools in southern Haiti, effectively bringing clean water to over 13,500 at-risk kids!

Now, you have the chance to be part of the change.

In celebration of 2019 World Water Day on March 22nd, PADF is proudly collaborating with CaribDA to bring clean water to schools and households in the South Department and Port-au-Prince. With your support, PADF will deliver water filtration systems to Haitian households. For every $100 donated, three households will receive water filters that will deliver years of clean water. Our goal is to raise $10,000 so that 300 Haitian families will have access to safe drinking water.

100% of your donation will help Haitian families acquire clean water: Donate now.


Your donation will be used in collaboration with CaribDA to provide access to clean water.

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