Belle Anse Arrondissement Department, Haiti






Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation Project

The Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation Project in the South-East Department of Haiti and the Border Region of the Dominican Republic (DR) was an innovative crisis and risk prevention project that combined cutting edge yet cost-effective technology with community-based solutions to reduce the impact of natural disasters on communities living in South-East Haiti and on the South-East border region between Haiti and the DR.  The project benefitted approximately 257,950 people.

PADF collaborated closely with the Department of Civil Protection (DPC), the municipal governments, and the affected communities to implement the following project pillars:

Capacity building of the local committees of the DPC and the local community-based groups

  • First Aid and Search & Rescue training
  • Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis training
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) Hazard Mapping training

Community-Driven Disaster Mitigation Infrastructure

  • Ravine and Riverbank Stabilization
  • Water and Sanitation Infrastructure Rehabilitation
  • Road Improvements

Strengthening Bilateral Relations between Haiti and the Dominican Republic

  • Develop and strengthen bilateral relations between the Haitian DPC and the Dominican Civil Defense (DC)
  • Organize Bilateral Meetings on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Mitigation on the Haiti-DR Border

Belle Anse Arrondissement Department, Haiti


2013 Taiwan-Haiti Final Report
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