Colonia La Canaán, Tegucigalpa, Honduras






Neighborhood-based Approach to Disaster Risk Reduction for Highly Vulnerable Hillside Communities

Based on the need to increase the resilience of vulnerable populations, save lives, and reduce the impact of disasters on informal settlements in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, PADF implemented the project “A Neighborhood-Based Approach to Disaster Risk Reduction for Highly Vulnerable Hillside Communities in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.”  The 13-month project was implemented in La Canaán, an at-risk neighborhood located in the Picacho district and benefited over 12,200 people.

PADF worked in close collaboration with the Permanent Contingencies Committee (COPECO), the Municipal Emergency Committee of the Central District (CODEM), the Local Emergency Committees (CODELs), the Secretary of Development and Social Inclusion (SEDIS), and the National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH) to implement project pillars and achieve the following results:

Capacity Building at the Community Level

  • Restructure 2 CODELs and incorporate 22 community leaders into the committees
  • Provide 6 intensive disaster risk reduction (DRR) training sessions to CODEL members
  • Train more than 800 students and teachers of La Canaán in basic disaster risk reduction (DRR) concepts

Strengthen Community Early Warning Systems (EWS) and Risk Mapping Early Warning Systems (EWS)

  • Evaluate and rehabilitate EWS in La Canaán
  • Carry out community hazard mapping activities and produce two risk maps
  • Identify and define evacuation routes and install over 200 signs

Construction of small-scale disaster mitigation infrastructure

  • Construction of over 200 meters of drainage canal systems, 2 paved walkways, one box culvert and contention walls in La Canaán’s four sectors.
  • Participation of over 150 community volunteers to construct infrastructure

Follow-on funding was provided by the Secretary of Infrastructure and Public Services (INSEP), the Institute of Community Development, Water and Sanitation (IDECOAS), and SEDIS, to continue the construction of the disaster mitigation infrastructure in La Canaán, investing over 5 million Lempiras (approximately $235,000 USD) and relying on various project outputs such as the newly strengthened CODELs, trained community members, and hazard risk maps.

Colonia La Canaán, Tegucigalpa, Honduras