Edouard Baussan

Vice Chariman

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Edouard Baussan Oversees the commercial, financial and operational procedures of the Baussan Family Group's maritime & port services as well as its trade & distribution companies. Provides leadership in the maritime and port service sector through its agencies, Agences Maritimes Réunies S.A. and terminal, International Maritime Terminal S.A., which provide services to major international shipping lines, including MAERSK and Antillean. Provides direction for the Group's trade & distribution company, Les Couleurs Infinies S.A, which has become a leader in the import and distribution of forest products and a large variety of steel items for Haiti's construction industry.

Mr. Baussan is also the Co-founder of the largest financial institution in Haiti. Aided in building Unibank's diverse portfolio to include controlling interests in large industrial and commercial entities within the country.