Severe Flooding Causes Evacuations, Damage in Trinidad

On Friday, October 19, Eastern and Central Trinidad experienced torrential downpours that resulted in widespread flooding. Over 800 people have evacuated their homes, and the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency estimates that over 100,000 people have been affected by the floods.

Initial reports show significant losses of personal possessions such as household appliances. However, such significant flooding presents other risks as well. Saturated soil increases the risk of landslides and vulnerability to flash floods with more rain. Stagnant and contaminated water also presents a risk of diseases such as zika, dengue and malaria.

The local PADF team in Trinidad and Tobago is currently assessing damages. Families living in flood plains and other vulnerable areas have likely suffered serious losses in property and possessions. Together with community authorities, PADF is assessing the loss of infrastructure and other community assets as well.