Focus Areas


Afro-descendants and Indigenous Groups

Afro-descendants and indigenous populations experience disproportionate levels of poverty, discrimination, human rights abuses, social exclusion, poor political representation, and other barriers that hinder their development.

Capacity Building

To foster resilient communities, engaged societies, and more effective local governments, PADF partners with civil society organizations and municipalities to strengthen their capacity to better respond to community needs.


Disaster Response and Preparedness

PADF works with communities, governments, and private sector partners to mitigate the impact of disastrous events, respond to emergencies when they occur and carry out disaster rehabilitation and reconstruction programs.

Displaced Persons

Employment generation is one of PADF’s main priorities so as to enable self-reliance among different communities, including displaced populations and other vulnerable groups who have been affected by civil conflict, human crisis, disasters or other situations.



PADF promotes literacy training, writing, math, science among school-aged children to ensure student proficiency remains strong in these areas. Our programs provide targeted tutoring in reading and writing so that students reach grade-level proficiency. 


Employment Generation

Using a variety of approaches, our programs help support micro and medium-size businesses, provide skills training to youth and vulnerable people, improve agricultural conditions and techniques, expand and improve local infrastructure and focus on natural resources conservation.



Protecting and conserving the environment are not just good ideas, but necessary steps to ensure that communities in urban and rural areas can safeguard their ecological heritage as a way to preserve the environment for future generations and ensure economic growth.


Girls and Women

Latin America and the Caribbean today is one of the regions with the greatest income inequality.  PADF believes that empowering girls and women will lessen that inequality.



PADF has collaborated with public and private sector partners to develop an online platform that can serve as a foundation to inform national and regional strategies and policies to reduce maternal mortality throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Human Rights

PADF has carried out programs to support victims of violence, combat human rights abuses, fight against human trafficking and child labor, and provide opportunities for greater equality to vulnerable groups.


Infrastructure and Housing

With the support of trusted partners, PADF has worked throughout the region to build, improve and rehabilitate schools, homes, public squares, health and training centers, shelters, roads, bridges, water sources, irrigation systems and many others; helping to create local jobs.


In-Kind Donations

During the last 10 years, PADF’s In-Kind Donations Program has shipped more than $35 million in medical equipment and tools to institutions in more than 20 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Public-Private Partnerships

PADF works with companies that are looking for innovative, sustainable ways to stimulate job creation, protect human rights, conserve the environment, improve social services and infrastructure, and prepare for and respond to natural disasters quickly, among other priorities.

South-South Cooperation

PADF and the Organization of American States encourage member states to develop and expand cooperation in areas where they have unique expertise, technical assistance and training resources.


Stronger Communities & Civil Society

To foster resilient communities and engaged societies, PADF partners with civil society organizations to strengthen capacity to better respond to community needs, believing that addressing community needs and increasing citizen participation are fundamental for a healthy democracy.


Through PADF programs, we work with local communities to ensure that they become stronger and more dynamic by providing the necessary protection and the right tools for youth to succeed.