PADF has worked to attract investments in small and medium-sized businesses that are based in Haiti, as well as increase the development impact of remittances.

With support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), PADF is carrying out an initiative called LEAD that focuses on developing businesses in Cap-Haitian, St. Marc and Port-au-Prince.

LEAD provides grants to Haitian entrepreneurs to help them access much-needed capital. The program also offers technical assistance to help enterprises implement their business plans and strengthen their operations. 

So far, LEAD has invested in more than 20 different businesses from various sectors of the Haitian economy, including agriculture, alternative energy, information technology, manufacturing, recycling, retail/wholesale, technology, and tourism.

Edouard Carrié, an entrepreneur who started a plastic recycling company called Environmental Cleaning Solutions S.A. (ECSSA) says his business has grown from a small operation to an internationally recognized company with a network of thousands of collectors of recyclable materials throughout Port-au-Prince.

“My company now has the capacity to increase its individual collectors from 6,000 people to up to 20,000,” says Carrié.

We believe that investing in these businesses is a critical part of strengthening communities. As these businesses grow stronger, Haitians will be in a better position to create jobs that provide economic security, leading to long-term economic growth for Haiti.