PADF’s community-driven development program has carried out more than 1,000 initiatives including bread bakeries, water purification kiosks, school renovations, job training centers, public markets and more.

This has helped to create jobs, improve incomes, and strengthened local community-based organizations throughout the Port-au-Prince metro region, including Cité Soleil, Bel-Air, Martissant, Carrefour-Feuilles, Simmonds-Pelé and Delmas 32.

Operating with funding from the World Bank and the Haitian government, PADF has organized residents, public officials, and other stakeholders into councils to determine their own economic priorities. Each group reviews proposals from residents, makes a selection, and monitors the implementation. PADF provides training, funding, and other support.

Because of the community’s participation, the government of Haiti sees this approach as an effective model to rebuild the country.

“The beneficiaries are in charge of their projects,” said Michael LeCorps, the director of Haiti’s Bureau of Monetization (BMPAD), adding that PADF is “not only providing the funds and following the execution of the projects, but they also train the people on how to manage, how to do accounting; and also they have technical support.”

Using this community-driven development approach, residents are also now able to better organize themselves to address their needs in a cohesive atmosphere. As PADF continues to work with the local community, the democratic foundations for local development, good governance, transparency and civic responsibility continue to grow.  

“The civil society is well organized now and we can see it in the projects [the communities] select,” said Kerline Rock, the director of the urban community driven development project at PADF. “They choose sustainable projects. The community has gained real momentum and shares a common vision.”

In Cité Soleil, where PADF has created a community job training center where women can learn computer skills, culinary arts, sewing and cosmetology, students are driven to succeed.

“We are ready to work,” says Ginette Jeudy. “We are ready to take any opportunity that comes our way. Thanks for making this possible.”