In the hilly neighborhood of Delmas 32, one of Haiti’s most densely populated areas, PADF has implemented an integrated neighborhood approach that not only repairs homes, but removes rubble, rehabilitates infrastructure, trains masons and engineers on para-seismic techniques, and creates better access to basic social services as part of a plan to revitalize the area.



In partnership with the Work Bank, Haiti’s Bureau of Monetization of Development Aid Program (MBPAD), and the Municipality of Delmas, PADF has repaired more than 1,100 damaged homes in Delmas 32 alone—10,000 throughout the country. What began as an emergency response became a multi-year development project that includes five square miles of roads, more than 300 solar-powered streetlights, new sidewalks and paths, water kiosks and more.

 “This has been a gift from heaven, a dream come true,” says Barthelemy Jean, a resident of Couloir Olivier, in Delmas 32.

“We never imagined that we would ever see this in our lives.”