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Help Guatemalan Families Recover from Fuego Volcano Eruption

On Sunday, June 3, Guatemala’s Fuego volcano erupted, sending flows of ash and volcanic gas through villages, killing at least 110 people and injuring hundreds more. It was the volcano’s most violent eruption in a century.

Currently, over 3,200 people have evacuated their homes, uncertain if or when they can return. Communities along the banks of the volcano like El Rodeo have been largely destroyed by the pyroclastic flow. CONRED, the Guatemalan national disaster response agency, reports that 1.7 million people have been affected by the eruption.

Let's Build Back Safer

The PADF local team in Guatemala is currently assessing damages and preparing to help families regain what they lost. Families who have lost their homes will need long-term support to build back buildings, regain access to services, and re-establish stable lives. Focusing on recovery and reconstruction efforts, we coordinate with local communities, local governments, and international donors to help affected communities recover from the tragic incident.


Your donation will help victims of the Fuego volcano eruption reconstruct their lives in the wake of the disaster. Donate now:

Donations are not currently being accepted for the Fuego Volcano recovery.


Thank you for your contribution. Your donation will be used for Fuego Volcano recovery and reconstruction efforts in Guatemala. At this time, PADF is not accepting in-kind donations. As the humanitarian arm of the Organization of American States, PADF has over five decades of experience responding to our hemisphere's worst disasters.