Stories of Hope

Following the devastating 2010 Haitian earthquake, it seemed as if all of Port-au-Prince had been destroyed. 

In the years since, we've been moved by people’s resilience and their dedication to rebuilding a stronger, more prosperous Haiti.

In the years that have followed, PADF has forged ahead working with communities, the Haitian government and numerous partners to:

Repair damaged homes
Revitalize neighborhoods
Create jobs
Prepare for future disasters

Assessing the Damage

PADF contracted a seismic engineering company to train Haitian structural engineers to inspect buildings and tag them using international standards.

Rebuilding Infrastructure 

PADF repaired more than 10,000 houses in different neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince and around Léogâne and trained 900 masons to build safely.

Restoring Livelihoods

This program has helped to create jobs, improve incomes, and strengthened local community-based organizations throughout the Port-au-Prince region.


Urban Reconstruction

PADF has repaired quake-damaged homes, rebuilt homes that were severely damaged during the earthquake, and cleared extensive amounts of rubble.

Investing in Local Businesses

This program has invested in more than 20 different businesses from various sectors of the Haitian economy.

Disaster Preparedness

To help reduce the impact of future disasters, PADF carried out an innovative crisis and risk prevention intervention that helped more than 257,000 people.

Haiti still needs our support.
Hurricane Matthew left 1.4 million people in need of aid. 

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