32 Departments, Colombia




Human Rights Protection Project

PADF is working closely with the Ministry of the Interior of Colombia to strengthen the capacity of its Human Rights Directorate through programs that provide training, technical assistance, and logistical support geared toward the prevention of rights violations, and the promotion and protection of human rights and international humanitarian rights.

The main objectives include:

  • Provide the Ministry of the Interior’s Human Rights Directorate with technical support to carry out activities at the national, regional, departmental, and municipal levels necessary to implement public policy related to human rights and international humanitarian rights.
  • Promote the development and consolidation of a network of partners to implement actions that contribute to the sustainability of this project.
  • Contribute toward the implementation of public policies related to human rights and international humanitarian rights through trainings, information sharing, awareness raising, and sensitization among civil servants, civil society, and victims of violations of human rights and international humanitarian rights.
  • Strengthen the technical capacity of public institutions at the national level and  government entities throughout the country in order to help implement mechanisms that help prevent human rights abuses in Colombia’s ongoing civil conflict, as well as protect individuals and provide guarantees that abuses will not be repeated.

This program has four components:

  • Prevention of human rights violations
  • Institutional strengthening
  • Protection of persons
  • Support committee for early warnings

Nationwide (32 departments)