Help the Bahamas Recover from Hurricane Dorian


The Bahamas has been our partner for nearly five decades and our thoughts are with them in Hurricane Dorian’s aftermath. 

We have partnered with the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) to providing disaster relief to our Bahamian neighbors and friends in this time of need and will match all donated funds up to $500,000.

PADF is launching an immediate fundraising campaign to help Bahamian communities recover from the tragedy. All donations made will support the recovery and reconstruction of Bahamian communities in the wake of this disaster.

Help the Bahamas Build Back Safer

The local PADF team in the Bahamas is currently assessing damages and preparing to help families regain what they lost. Families who have lost their homes will need long-term support to build back buildings, regain access to services, and re-establish stable lives. Focusing on recovery and reconstruction efforts, we coordinate with local communities, local governments, and international donors to help affected communities recover from the tragic incident.

Update 9/9/2019:
Through our partnership with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines (RCCL) and HeadKnowles, PADF has supported the distribution of 149,688 bottles of water, 400 generators, 248 plastic tarps, and 500 handheld flashlights, in addition to 114,400 diapers and 800 rolls of toilet paper. PADF is also supporting fundraising efforts by collecting donations on behalf of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (RCCL), the American Chambers of Commerce in Trinidad and Tobago, and the Caribbean Desalination Association. Donations will be used to support ongoing relief efforts through local Bahamian organizations in response to identified needs.


Your donation will help victims of Hurricane Dorian reconstruct their lives in the wake of the disaster.
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Our Partners

Thanks to our partners for supporting the PADF Hurricane Dorian Recovery Campaign



Thank you for your contribution. Your donation will be used for Hurricane Dorian recovery and reconstruction efforts in the Bahamas. At this time, PADF is not accepting physical goods or in-kind donations. As the humanitarian arm of the Organization of American States, PADF has over five decades of experience responding to our hemisphere's worst disasters.