32 Departments, Colombia




Institutional Strengthening for the Victims Unit

This program, which is implemented by PADF, seeks to provide institutional strengthening to the Unit for Comprehensive Care and Reparation to Victims (UARIV) through activities that promote the participation of communities affected by Colombia’s armed conflict in the process of providing care, reparations, and other priorities as outlined by the Law. 

Working with UARIV, PADF also focuses on the following deliverables:

  • Providing training to public servants to strengthen their ability to assist victims
  • Strengthening and supporting local civil society organizations
  • Providing attention and guidance to victims of the armed conflict
  • Carry out activities to preserve the history, culture and arts, as well as the dignity of victims and rebuilding the social fabric 

Some recent achievements include:

  • Carrying out 882 activities in 294 municipalities located in Colombia’s 32 departments (provinces) and the capital Bogotá.
  • More than 47,000 people have participated among them almost 59 percent women and 41 percent men. Of this number 7.1 percent were afro descendants and 6.5 percent people from indigenous groups.

Nationwide (32 departments)