Hurricanes Irma & Maria Disaster Recovery

  • Puerto Rico: Power outages, widespread infrastructure damage

  • Barbuda & St. Martin: "Nearly uninhabitable with catastrophic damage"

  • PADF deploys staff in Caribbean region to assess areas of intervention

Updated: 9/27/17 12:09pm EST

Hurricane Irma has wreaked havoc, forcing entire islands across the Caribbean have evacuated their homes, including Barbuda and several Bahamian islands. Now, Hurricane Maria has damaged or destroyed nearly every building in Dominica, leaving the island in ruin. Vast swaths of Puerto Rico are still without power and potable water, and failing infrastructure threatens to cause further humanitarian problems.

Short term needs like clean water as well as long-term humanitarian needs and resettlement efforts must be addressed. PADF has deployed its staff around the region, helping communities prepare for and mitigate the effects of Hurricanes Irma and Maria.


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PADF: Focus on Water, Housing Recovery

Hurricane Irma thrashed several southern Bahamian islands

Hurricane Irma thrashed several southern Bahamian islands

Hurricanes and major tropical storms can have long-lasting impacts on water accessibility. Public water and sewage pipes can be damaged and wells are often contaminated. Additionally, flooded lowlands often trap standing water that serve as a quick incubator for mosquitoes and other pests. PADF is focusing on relieving the water situation, providing tablets and purifiers that make water potable.

In the Bahamas, several islands had to be evacuated because of the storm. Many homes were destroyed and many more were significantly damaged. For those islands, there is a need for housing restoration. Fortunately, the Bahamas' major population centers did not experience severe damage, and they hosted the evacuees of the smaller islands after the storm. The need continues, however, as those displaced families struggle to regain their livelihoods and stability.

PADF's Response: Haiti

In Northern Haiti, we took critical preparative measures, distributing tools and emergency materials. Heavy machinery cleared critical waterways.

haiti map graphic5.png
  • We have deployed staff in Haiti to prepare its northern coast for the incoming hazard.
  • PADF staff have also been deployed in Bahamas and the Eastern Caribbean region to prepare communities and mitigate disaster.
  • We have a strong network of local partners and disaster management authorities in the Caribbean region. We are identifying a number of NGOs that have extensive networks of community-based organizations and groups on the ground and ongoing activities in the areas that may be the most seriously impacted by the hurricane. As the humanitarian arm of the Organization of American States (OAS), PADF responds to the region's major natural disasters and humanitarian crises.

Initial Damage Reports


Exposed population: 12,316 (100%). Reported critical damage, including blocked roads, damage to hospital and police station.

Antigua and Barbuda:

Exposed population: 87,858 (100%). Prime Minister Mr. Gaston Browne stated that early preparations led to remarkable outcomes - no lives lost in Antigua. However, reports indicate destruction of 90% of Barbuda's structures. Population of Barbuda is around 1,600. Barbuda has been called "nearly uninhabitable with catastrophic damage" by the OCHA.


At least 14 have died as Hurricane Maria decimated its east coast. 80% of the population was affected and they need provisions like shelter and water.

St. Barthélemy and St. Martin:

Exposed population: 37,609 (100%). French government confirmed widespread flooding and power outages. Several damaged homes with roofs blown off. Damage in St. Bart is described as "devastating" and "apocalyptic." Government offices in St. Martin have been partially destroyed.

St. Kitts and Nevis:

Exposed population: 47,897 (100%). Minor damage reported in Nevis. St. Kitts is conducting an initial situation assessment.

Puerto Rico:

Exposed population: 3,651,232 (100%). Widespread flooding and damage to electric grid, leaving vast swaths of communities without power. Puerto Rico's governor has asked the Department of Defense to activate the US National Guard.