Jesús J. Canahuati

Executive Vice President, ELCATEX

Elásticos Centroamericanos y Textiles, S.A. de C.V.
Choloma Cortés, Honduras

Jesus Canahuati is Executive Vice President of ELCATEX, one of twelve companies that comprise Grupo Lovable in Honduras.

Grupo Lovable, which today surpasses Honduran exports in coffee and bananas with more than $515 million in exports, began as a small intimate apparel company founded by his father, Juan Canahuati, in 1964.  Jesus Canahuati is also President of the Honduran Apparel Manufacturers Association (Asociación Hondureña de Maquilas – AHM). 

After completing his studies in Industrial Engineering at Georgia Technical Institute in 1987, Jesus Canahuati returned to Honduras and founded ELCATEX (Central American Elastics and Textiles) as a starter company.  Under his leadership and innovative approach to product manufacturing, the company is known today as one of the most important and leading textile companies in the Western Hemisphere.  It has garnered international recognition after winning prizes and awards for high quality and performance standards from both customers and the industry.

Jesus Canahuati has established himself as entrepreneur, innovator, business leader, and engaged proponent of corporate social responsibility.  He is an active member of the following associations: Vice President of Grupo Lovable; Member of COHEP (Honduran Private Enterprise Council); President of the Board of Directors of the Honduran Apparel Manufacturers Association; and Vice President of Saint Vincent’s Social Works Foundation.

In addition, Jesus Canahuati is also pioneering new sources of energy production,  implementing emerging and alternative engineering techniques. He is leading ELCATEX to develop thermal cogeneration projects, steam generation using biomass, and state of the art wastewater treatment plants.  These initiatives and his participation on several hydroelectric projects are placing ELCATEX and its work in Honduras on a very competitive edge around the world.