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Youth Development and Juvenile Justice (Kari Yu!)

Program Overview

This program is designed to provide life skills, technical and vocational education and training and job placement opportunities for youth who are at risk of dropping out of the educational system, early school leavers and youth who have been in conflict with the law. Youth between the ages of 15-24 who fall within these three target groups are eligible to participate in the program. The program also aims to strengthen Suriname’s juvenile justice system.  This program is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The “Kari Yu!” program strives to achieve its objectives through:

  • Improvement of formal, informal and technical and vocational education and training in sectors demanded by the labor market;
  • Supporting life skills training that better prepare youth for the workforce;
  • Strengthening of the youth development environment at schools by working with students, parents and teachers;
  • Adapting and implementingtraining curricula to meet private sector needs;
  • Support existing or establishing new employment-related services in order to improve job placement opportunities;
  • Building practical partnerships between workforce development institutions and private businesses.

In 2013, the United States and Suriname launched the “Suriname Youth Development and Juvenile Justice Reform” program, a three-year initiative funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), implemented by the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF), and facilitated by the Organization of American States (OAS).

Through the project, PADF is focusing on two complementary components:

  1. Provision of youth access to employment and vocational education and related opportunities, which will include grants to local organizations for a wide variety of preventive and support services targeting Youth
  2. Support the modernization of the juvenile justice system so it continues to be more responsive to the rehabilitative needs of youth offenders.

The project works in partnership with the Government of Suriname, local NGOs, the business community and other donor organizations to address the growing problems of at-risk youth.



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