100 Young Haitians Graduate with Vocational Training

It was a celebration of opening doors.

On Friday, 92 young Haitians walked across the stage to receive their diplomas in technical fields such as solar panel installation, cosmetology, cooking, tile installation, smart phone repair, textiles, and motorcycle mechanics. These young adults, nearly half of which were women, are now prepared to make a confident step into the work force.

The graduation ceremony was the final event for the yearlong SETEN program, sponsored by the Haitian Red Cross and the American Red Cross.

Unemployment continues to be a challenge for Haiti, threatening livelihoods among Haiti's vulnerable populations. 

"Projects like SETEN help strengthen the country's economy," said Nadia Cherrouk, PADF's Haiti Country Director. "By equipping these young people with good tools to cope with the job market, we are helping them to participate positively in the country's economy."

Haitian publication Le Nacional reports that the President of the Haitian Red Cross, Dr Guiteau Jean Pierre, also attended the event and offered some words of encouragement for the young graduates.

"These young people must be role models in their community. They must keep hope for a better tomorrow for themselves and their families. They must also show dynamism and solidarity," said Dr Guiteau.

As part of participating in the SETEN program, the young adults had the opportunity to attend seminars and workshops on community development and market needs. The project aims to facilitate trainings like this in order to inspire better overall wellbeing and civic engagement as each person becomes an agent of change in their respective communities.

Between Haiti's young adult training and empowerment programs, PADF has facilitated the successful training of nearly 600 young adults. PADF applauds the drive and determination of these young adults to refine their craft in a technical field.

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