20,000 Venezuelans in Peru Received Legal Assistance from PADF

Lima, Peru (August 22, 2019) - Throughout 2019, the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) has carried out various projects with Venezuelan refugees and migrants in Peru, particularly in Lima and Tumbes.

PADF is working in Peru to protect the human rights of the thousands of refugees and migrants who cross the Peruvian border daily in search of a better life. So far this year, PADF has provided legal guidance in access to health rights, education, work, residence and routes and productive access, to a total of 22,040 Venezuelan migrants and refugees, with 15,463 assisted in Tumbes and 6,397 assisted in Lima. Of those assisted, 98% said they were satisfied with the guidance they received. PADF has provided this guidance through 24 community promoters in Tumbes and 30 in Lima.

PADF works with a total of 57 Peruvian NGOs, religious associations, neighborhoods and cultural and media associations, to train communities on how to improve the quality of life of refugees and migrants by addressing human rights, migrant and refugee rights and integration approaches with a focus on gender awareness.

According to data from the National Superintendence of Migration, the migratory flow of Venezuelans to Peru so far this year has exceeded 860 thousand people, which is a challenge for state institutions regarding education, health and work.

Committed to Integration

PADF holds different community events that aim to integrate Venezuelan migrants and refugees with the host population, in this case being the Peruvian population.

Since the beginning of 2019, 20 integration events have been organized in the Lima metropolitan area and Tumbes, reaching more than 2,500 Venezuelan and Peruvian community members in Peru.

These community events are the result of a great inter-institutional effort with participation from a range of actors from various national and international NGOs, as well as key state institutions and civil society members.