Haiti Libre | Food Distribution to 25,000 People in the South East

Haiti Libre | Published Dec 30, 2012

During the month of December, the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF), distributed food aid to 25,000 people (5,000 families) estimated at 3.8 million Gourdes in the South-east of Haiti.

The Beneficiaries were selected by the Government in the following cities: Marigot, Bainet, Jacmel, Jacmel valley and Côtes de Fer. They were selected on the basis of the cities most affected by the bad weather.

Thomas Jacques, Minister of Agriculture, praised this distribution. "After the passage of Sandy, the Haitian government called upon its partners for help. The Minister in partnership with the PADF is a concrete example of the synergy that can develop between the Government and NGOs to assure quality assistance."

Nadia Cherrouk, PADF’s Country Director in Haiti, has related the pride of the PADF to work with this Ministry to provide assistance to people. The food distribution was supported by the emergency department and of "Housing Support" of the PADF, which allowed villagers to reinforce their homes to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Apart from the Ministry of Agriculture, this distribution was carried out in collaboration with the Fund of Economic and Social Assistance, the Town halls, the deputies of the communes, the CPC, the DPC, the CADECS, and the NGO Food for the Poor.