Le Nouvelliste | Increasing Egg Production in Cité Soleil

Le Nouvelliste | Published Sept 11, 2014

With several cages and about eight thousand nests, this barn extends over six acres of land and consists of two buildings. The coop currently can currently hold 8,000 chickens, but there were only 2,000 chickens left after the earthquake of January 12, 2010. Under the special plan for Cité Soleil, the Ministry of Agriculture is responsible for providing four thousand chickens. A first step has been taken by that department through the donation of two thousand hens.

"This donation is part of the special plan for Cité Soleil and the overall policy of the Ministry of Agriculture to increase domestic production," said Michel Chancy, Secretary of State for Livestock Production, noting that the objective of the Ministry is to reach a production of 30 million eggs per month. The Secretary of State for Livestock Production believes that with a publicprivate partnership, this dream will become a reality.

The barn has a production capacity of 3,200 eggs per day. "In a few days, its production capacity will increase to 4,800 eggs, and the Ministry aims to increase the number of hens in this coop again by two thousand to bring the total to six thousand hens," stated Chancy. "It is not just egg production and laying hens that we favor in this henhouse,” said agronomist Arnoux Severin, Agricultural Department Director of the West. “There is also the slurry which serves as fertilizer. Hen manure is comprised of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Along with the chickens, we will use the manure as organic fertilizer."

This barn was built in 2009 as part of the PRODEPUR project funded by the World Bank. "This barn makes the transition from a project to a company," said Rose T. Sylvestre, Director of the henhouse. As for the design of this project, it is the work of the PADF (Pan American Development Foundation). "This project has been funded by the World Bank to the tune of 20,000 USD," said Kerline Pierre Rock, Director of the PRODEPUR project.