Loop Trinidad and Tobago | American NGO Helps in Fight Against Crime

Loop Trinidad and Tobago | Published Set 23, 2014

The Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) launched its weeklong Resistance and Prevention Program Facilitator Accreditation Course as an aid to national efforts to tackle the crime problem head on.

The American NGO has since it’s establishment implemented socio-economic development programs and disaster assistance in Latin America and the Caribbean.

According to Project Director, Shanna O’ Reilly, the PADF will accredit facilitators ‘who will then be working with us over the course of the programme to not only replicate the training materials used this week, but also apply action plans in the field.’

The project will address crime problems taking place in communities with the help of the community workers.

It’s an initiative that hopes to have a long-term effect.

The acting Commissioner of Police, Stephen Williams has endorsed the project for its ability to address the root cause of crime in the so-called ‘hot spot’ communities.