PADF Inaugurates Pilot Multi-Family Home in Haiti

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On March 7th, 2013, PADF inaugurated a pilot multi-family home in the Delmas district of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The innovative home, designed to maximize landspace in the heavily-crowded Delmas, was built to benefit those who had lost their homes in the devestating January 2010 earthquake. It is one of 10,000 earthquake damaged homes repaired or rebuilt by PADF.

The inauguration was held in collaboration with the Mayor of Delmas, who praised PADF for it's forward-thinking and comprehensive plan to not only rebuilding homes, but restoring neighborhoods in the Delmas district. He expressed the pleasure of the Government of Haiti to be working with organizations such as PADF that provided a better alternative to the current realities and numerous losses suffered by Delmas residents.  His sentiments were echoed by Solange Elizée and Natacha Calvaire, the two women whose families will be moving into the building. The mayor then signed a memorandum of understanding with the two women, who guarenteed that they would oblige by the laws of homeowners in Delmas, and pay the appropriate taxes. In this vein, the inauguration followed the PADF pathos of transferring projects to beneficiaries, as well as working with local governments and the communities to determine local needs and best-practices solutions.

The construction of the pilot home was done through PADF's PRODEPUR-HABITAT project, which works to not only repair homes, but rehabilitate neighborhoods, including roads, passageways, and critical infrastructure. PRODEPUR-HABITAT works in conjunction with PADF's PRODEPUR community driven development program, which has implemented over 150 community projects throughout Port-au-Prince. These projects serve to reinforce and capitalize on local talent and priorities.