Putting Power Back into Haiti’s Communities: FECA SUD’EST Launches in Jacmel

 On June 8th, 2012, PADF’s Project for Participatory Development (PRODEP) saw the launch of FECASUD’EST, a Federation of Community Councils (CADECS) from throughout the Southeast Department of Haiti. Compromised of 701 community based organizations, the inauguration of FECASUD’EST showed the future and potential of community development once PRODEP closes at the end of the year. 

“For eight years PRODEP has supported us and believed in us,” explained Jean Onel Charles, from Grand Gossier. “They gave us the opportunity to be the catalyst in our own development, teaching us how to better utilize the tools at our disposal and giving us the financial support to implement hundreds of projects. Because of PRODEP, we have gained strength, and because of PRODEP we are able to come together to form FECASUD’EST. With FECASUD’EST, we will be able to continue developing our communities. We are 701 community based organization united in a common goal and an example to the national government about working together and getting results!”

The inauguration additionally featured local government officials, who praised the Federation’s initiative and dynamism, as well as traditional dancers from the Haitian district of Bainet (pictured below). Haitian media outlets Tele Metropole and Radio National also recorded and filmed the event.

At the end of the day, the FECASUD’EST’s hopes and aspirations were best summed up by the representative from the Chantal CADEC (pictured above). “PRODEP came in and gave us the means to accomplish something extraordinary. As we march forward, we have the ability to create a better Haiti where people's basic needs are met. Using the strength of our own communities, we have built schools, provided healthcare, and brought electricity to places that were dark for 30 years. We are the proof that when you put the power back into the communities, you get results."