Medtronic Promotes Diabetes Awareness in Brazil

An ADJ workshop on how to use an insulin pump.

An ADJ workshop on how to use an insulin pump.

In Brazil, diabetes often comes with a stigma. Many children are unable to receive insulin injections at school due to lack of knowledge and shame from peers or teachers. Medtronic and the Pan American Development Foundation are working to expand the programming and capabilities of the Brazilian Juvenile Diabetes Association (Associação de Diabetes Juvenil - ADJ). Thanks to a grant from the Medtronic Foundation, the ADJ has been able to enhance and expand their communications and outreach efforts in order to educate more communities including school-age children, families, and indigenous communities in Brazil. 

By sensitizing and educating more Brazilians to the issue of type 1 and 2 diabetes, ADJ is able to break down stigmas and help patients access treatment and information. This leads to better care and a better quality of life.

The Medtronic grant enabled ADJ to upgrade their website and offer a range of multimedia resources for people living with diabetes, including free screening tools.

Since launching their new web site, ADJ has seen a 9.2 percent increase in the number of groups who have registered as new members. They have also seen a 65 percent increase in the number of volunteers. This is crucial for growth as the organization relies on volunteers to carry out its activities.  ADJ offers a wide range of programs including a day camp for kids with diabetes, a mobile clinic in Sao Paolo, free workshops on nutrition and self-care and one-on-one meetings with physicians. ADJ is also developing educational software tools for the management of diabetes and to improve their public outreach. The goal is to facilitate the exchange of information between ADJ, Brazilian health professionals, patients and the general public. 

The new  ADJ homepage .  

The new ADJ homepage.