PADF Annual Board Meeting

Washington, D.C. (November 15, 2016) – The Pan American Development Development Foundation (PADF) held it’s 55th annual meeting of its board of trustees. The meeting was opened by Ambassador Nestor Mendez, Assistant Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS) and Vice Chair of the PADF Board of Trustees.

Amb. Mendez recognized Luis Ubiñas, President of the board, the rest of the trustees, as well as PADF Executive Director John Sanbrailo, for their leadership in steering the work of the Foundation.

“PADF remains one of the OAS’ most important partners in the area of disaster management and its work has been well recognized throughout the Hemisphere,” Amb. Mendez said.

PADF was established by the OAS more than a half a century ago to assist disadvantaged communities and mobilize private-sector support for community-based initiatives.

“For 55 years, PADF’s unique calling has allowed us to reach tens of millions of disadvantaged people, expressing to them the solidarity of the OAS and Inter-American System,” said Luis Ubiñas, President of the board. “PADF has strengthened hundreds of civil society groups, community organizations, neighborhood associations and municipalities and partnered with public and private donors to reach the most vulnerable and excluded populations in the Americas.”

In 2016, PADF’s programs reached more than 40 million vulnerable and excluded people in Latin America and the Caribbean. The Foundation achieved the largest program in its history, winning more than $100 million in new grants.

PADF also responded to two major natural disasters: the April 16 earthquake in Ecuador and last month’s Hurricane Mathew in the Caribbean and the United States, which both caused profound damages and deaths. Following these disasters, PADF and partners mobilized to respond to the needs of affected countries, providing urgently-needed supplies, clean water, social support and emergency shelter.

Mendez pointed out that PADF is a “great OAS success story, especially in the area of encouraging public-private partnerships.”

He encouraged the board of trustees and staff to continue to forge innovative partnerships, in order to mobilize our resources and respond to the needs of the peoples of the Americas.