After Matthew: A Mother in Camp Perrin

Photos: Carmelie Montuma

Marie Vanité is a single mother of four children in Camp Perrin, southern Haiti. Before Hurricane Matthew she was struggling to make ends meet. Her husband left her when she was pregnant with her eldest child, who is 16 years old. Her small, two-bedroom home was destroyed in Hurricane Matthew. 

While running away from her house to escape the hurricane, Marie was hit by a piece of flying debris a metal sheet and cut her hand.  She has been a washer woman for the past 26 years. Lately she isn't able to work because of the injury.

“My life is over," she told PADF. "My hands are all I had to feed my kids and provide them with the little that I could, but it’s all over now.  We are all sleeping at a neighbor’s. Until when, I don’t know.”

Matthew was the worst hurricane to strike Haiti in more than 50 years. It has left more than 1.4 million people in need of humanitarian aid. Learn about PADF's relief efforts to assist people like Marie.