Ensuring Clean Water After Hurricane Matthew

The all-in-one-filter is capable of filtering up to 540 gallons of water per day.

The all-in-one-filter is capable of filtering up to 540 gallons of water per day.

PADF is partnering with the Caribbean Desalination Association(CaribDA) in Haiti to donate water filtration kits to Haitian families affected by Hurricane Matthew. A total of 218 filtration systems were donated through the generosity of CaribDa's members and a matching donation from the manufacturer, Sawyer Products.

The donation includes in-person training in Haiti on how to use the filters in Haiti, led by two CaribDA professionals. Each kit contains a Sawyer PointONE Water Purifier Unit and a five-gallon bucket manufactured in Haiti by Plastech Industries.

This is essential for families in the Hurricane-affected areas, which are struggling to prevent water-borne diseases such as cholera.

As a member of CaribDA, the Cayman Water Company purchase 75 of the water filtration systems. “We commend CaribDA for taking the initiative to provide an effective means to meet Haiti’s most basic need,” said Karlene Singh, Business Development – Project Engineer at Consolidated Water and CaribDA Director. “Cayman Water is so pleased to be able to offer our support and help bring safe drinking water to our neighbour, especially in their time of need.”

The Caribbean Desalination Association (CaribDA) is a non-profit organization and represents members/sponsors from the Caribbean desalination and water reuse communities, utilities, industries, academia and government as well as individuals interested in water supply improvement in the Caribbean, specifically by means of desalination or water reuse.