Repairing Haiti's Irrigation Canals After Hurricane Matthew

With funding from the American Red Cross, PADF is working to repair irrigation systems in Northwest Haiti that were damaged by Hurricane Matthew. PADF constructed a substantial irrigation canal in the town of Jean-Rabel in 2003 and it waters the crops of many farmers in the region.

Clearing the canal of debris was a priority for the community after the passage of Hurricane Matthew, but they were unable to complete the job on their own. PADF assembled four teams of 20 people to assist in the repairs.

"The canal is our life,” said Nacius Michel, president of the Irrigation Association of Jean-Rabel. “We will do everything possible to get the water back into the canal as quickly as possible so that we can start producing again."

Local farmer Jackson Jeanty is helping in the repair efforts. "I work mainly to get the water back in my garden. With water in the canal, my production is guaranteed."

After the work is complete, the community will receive a donation of 100,000 potato cuttings to improve their harvest.

[Story adapted from La Nouvelliste]