PADF and OAS Celebrate Project Successes During Haiti Board Meeting

Port-au-Prince, Haiti (May 10, 2018) – The Pan American Development Foundation’s (PADF) biannual board meeting was held on Thursday in Port-au-Prince, with opening remarks from Michele Sison, Ambassador of the United States to Haiti.

Ambassador Nestor Mendez, Assistant Secretary-General of the Organization of American States (OAS) and Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees opened the meeting by celebrating the ongoing collaboration with PADF: “I am proud of the partnership between PADF and the OAS to advance our common goals.”

Ambassador Sison outlined the priorities that PADF and the United States share in Haiti, such as advancing education, security, stability and diaspora engagement.

“PADF is supporting Haiti in achieving the country’s development goals,” said Nadia Cherrouk, PADF Country Director. “We continue to see major opportunities to contribute to Haiti’s prosperity by investing in youth, inspiring business growth and supporting community development.”

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., represented by PADF board member Federico Gonzalez-Denton, renewed its dedication during the meeting with a $100,000 check to support vulnerable populations.

Board members and Washington DC-based staff attended the meeting on a weeklong trip to Haiti. They visited PADF project sites, including schools, businesses and communities that PADF has served through its dedicated work in sustainable development.

During the meeting, entrepreneurs who participated in the USAID-funded LEAD program shared how PADF provided capital and technical assistance which resulted in the growth of their businesses. The entrepreneurs were selected to participate in a 6-year business investment program that generated $33 million in sales and created over 18,000 jobs in Haiti.

The Pan American Development Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, brings together many stakeholders to improve livelihoods, empower communities, strengthen civil society, support human rights, protect the environment and respond to natural disasters in Latin America and the Caribbean. Established by the Organization of American States in 1962, PADF has worked in every country in the region. In 2017 PADF reached 10.3 million people through sustainable development initiatives in Latin American and Caribbean countries.