PADF Responds to Devastating Mexican Earthquakes

Juchitán Earthquake

On September 7, a devastating magnitude 8.1 earthquake struck southern Mexico during the night. It was the most powerful Mexican earthquake in a century, and it killed more than 90 people in Juchitán and the surrounding area of Oaxaca and Chiapas. It also damaged vital infrastructure and various significant buildings, causing a state of emergency in the area. Powerful aftershocks were felt for days around the region. It also destroyed the region's main hospital and left families many doubting the structural integrity of their homes.

Mexico City Earthquake

Then, on September 19, a catastrophic magnitude 7.1 earthquake shook Mexico City and its surroundings, toppling dozens of buildings and severely damaging many more. Skyscrapers visibly rocked back and forth. Workers flooded the streets, hoping to get out before their workplaces crumbled. Nearly 300 people were killed in the incident, many trapped under rubble. Vital infrastructure and hundreds of community services like schools, shelters, roads and bridges suffered severe damage and urgently need to be rehabilitated.

PADF Responds

Both areas of the country need immediate assistance and emergency supplies. They also need long-term support to rebuild what they have lost to the misfortune of the disasters. PADF will assist the communities in greatest need, helping them to recover and rebuild their lives following the disaster. PADF is currently assessing the situation to intervene in the areas of greatest need, using its expertise in disaster response and coordination of resilient communities. 

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