Photos: Damage Assessment from Post-Earthquake Oaxaca

Seven weeks have passed since a magnitude 8.1 earthquake shook the southern Mexican states of Oaxaca and Chiapas.

The earthquake was Mexico's strongest in a century. Nearly 100 people died and hundreds more were injured as a result. Buildings across the region were reduced to piles of rubble, and infrastructure has sustained great damage.

PADF is responding to the disaster in southern Mexico, monitoring local needs.

We recently assessed damage in and around Juchitán, Oaxaca, Mexico. Problems in Juchitán are particularly evident - remnants of buildings, now piles of rubble, line street corners. Airports, hospitals, hotels, businesses and public services are still shut down. But the damage goes deeper.

Before the earthquake, a municipal building occupied this area. It was completely destroyed. The remaining yellow building, a market, has also been severely damaged.


This building was completely dislodged from its foundation, dropping into the banks of a river.

fallen house.JPG

Structural damage has prevented many businesses and public services from reopening.

falling roof.JPG

The earthquake also destroyed residences, leaving many people homeless.

mexico rubble.JPG

Under closer examination, many buildings that appear unaffected show signs of severe structural damage.

Below, crooked closet frames expose a sloping floor.

crooked doors.JPG

Cracks in the foundation make buildings more vulnerable to long-term damage and future earthquakes.


Cleanup crews are still working to remove rubble.

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Local workers clear rubble from urban streets.


Much of the rubble has been temporarily dumped on the sides of nonresidential streets.

Juchitán will face a major recovery effort, as this material must be dealt with.


PADF is responding to the recent earthquakes in Mexico. We are collecting donations to help hardest-hit earthquake victims recover and rebuild what they lost. To help the recovery of Juchitán and the area, please make a contribution.

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