An Overview of RAPP

An Overview of RAPP
By Caterina Valero
PADF Senior Programs Director

Since 2013, PADF has been working on a unique social crime prevention approach that seeks to reduce youth violence in the Caribbean. We call it the Resistance and Prevention Program (RAPP).  The objective of this regional effort is to: (i) enhance the capacity of young people, police, justice sector and other government officials to work together on crime prevention; and (ii) build mutual trust between these two groups to identify and anticipate the common causes of crime before they develop. 

The current intervention has reached thousands of young people, police officers, justice sector officials and other government personnel across the Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago and Suriname.  The program provides training, organizes community dialogues, conducts mock courts and sponsors community action plans. These programs seek to address problems in the community that lead to increased levels of violence or crime.

Within each country, RAPP takes a unified interagency approach to addressing crime.  The training encourages hands-on involvement by police and other public servants to address the root social causes of crime. We understand that social crime prevention does not occur from a single program, department, or police strategy. Instead, we have  developed a comprehensive set of core principles that lie at the foundation of the work carried out by law enforcement and other government agencies.

RAPP’s collaborative approach, which engages officials from across a variety of organizations, both public and private, has proven effective for addressing community problems that are linked to crime. Social crime prevention is a cutting-edge strategy that uses local resources to guarantee more effective interagency collaboration to address the causes of crime and violence. 

This newsletter highlights some of the successes that RAPP has achieved so far. At PADF, we look forward to engaging with our supporters and other stakeholders to discuss the progress of RAPP and to explore how PADF can implement similar strategies to reduce crime and violence in other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question or comment regarding the activities that RAPP is conducting in the Bahamas, Trinidad & Tobago, and Suriname.