Our Mission

The Mission of the Pan American Development Foundation is to assist vulnerable and excluded people and communities in the Americas to achieve sustainable economic and social progress, strengthen their communities and civil society, promote democratic participation and inclusion, and prepare for and respond to natural disasters and other humanitarian crises, there by advancing the principles of the Organization of American States and creating a Hemisphere of Opportunity for All.

We Act with Integrity and Value Dependability
PADF understands the crucial role that trust plays in our relationship with partners, donors, and beneficiaries.

We Innovate
PADF has earned a reputation as a skilled and innovative implementer of programs that address key challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean.

We Are Accountable and Transparent in Our Operations
PADF's practices and operations have earned the trust and support of thousands of donors, corporations, governments, institutions and agencies throughout the Western Hemisphere and beyond.

We Respect Our Partners and Those we Serve
PADF believes in the inherent worth and dignity of those we work with and serve. As a result, we value them as partners and work together to bring about lasting change.

We Strive for Excellence in Service
PADF works rigorously to serve and empower marginalized communities and vulnerable populations in areas confronting poverty and civil strife. We also nurture community leadership and entrepreneurship.

We Are Committed to Our Mandate
PADF is the foundation arm of the Organization of American States (OAS). In this role we work with public and private partners to implement socio-economic development and disaster relief in the 35 OAS member states.

We Provide Sustainable Results
PADF designs and implements activities that enable communities to realize their own potential. This approach provides sustainable solutions to locally identify needs, making communities stronger and more self-sufficient with the Inter-American Democratic Charter.