Delmas 32, Haiti





In the neighborhood of Delmas 32, PRODEPUR-HABITAT works to rebuild homes, clear rubble, improve community infrastructure, and create more access to basic social services as part of a plan to revitalize one of the most densely populated areas in the Port-au-Prince metro region.

Funded by the World Bank, PADF also works with others partners including Haiti’s Bureau of Monetization of Development Aid Programs (BMPAD), the Municipality of Delmas, and the Delmas 32 Urban Project for Participatory Development Management Council (COPRODEP).

Some key activities in this project include: 

  • Clearing and removal of rubble: PRODEPUR-HABITAT concurrently builds and reconstructs homes while at the same time restoring neighborhoods. A key aspect of this is the clearing and removal of rubble, of which the project will clear 20,000 m3 
  • House Repairs: The project is repairing 1,000 (yellow-tagged) quake-damaged homes 
  • Home Construction: Rebuilding 150 (red-tagged) damaged homes that were severely damaged during the earthquake
  • Capacity building: Over 5,000 people have visited PRODEPUR –HABITAT's Center for Reconstruction. Additionally, there have been community meetings with more than 1,000 residents of Delmas 32 as well as over a dozen inter-stakeholder community reunions have been implemented. There have also been over 700 construction workers trained in safe-home repair.
  • Rehabilitating neighborhood sidewalks and footpaths, building roads, installing solar-powered street lightning, building drainage canals and sewers, and other critical infrastructure
  • Creating green spaces that allow for a safe and durable future for residents.

In Delmas 32, this project has also been accompanied by a sensitization campaign aimed at community residents that seeks to share information about the work being done and the improvements underway using billboards, radio, flyers, and other media.

Delmas 32, Haiti