14 Departments, Colombia




Productive and Business Strengthening for Indigenous Communities

This program led by Colombia’s Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism with support from PADF seeks to strengthen the productive and business aspects of indigenous communities located in 23 municipalities throughout the country by assisting them in promoting commercial activities and opening up new markets.

Approximately 900 people from indigenous communities are participating in activities that strengthen their ability to manage businesses. This is being done through technical assistance, trainings, and capacity building activities.

The program is reaching 20 different indigenous groups, including the Wayúu, Arhuaco, Pastos, Curripacos, Papiocos, Tucanos, Desanos, Cubeos, Guanano, Pirata Puyo, Siriano, Misak, Kametsa, Inga, Nasa, Embera Katio, Eperara Siapidara, Ette (Chimila), Okaina, Bora, Uitoto, Muinane, Yukpa, Bari and Awá.

Magdalena, Antioquia, Risaralda, Huila, Cauca, Nariño, Putumayo, Amazonas, La Guajira, Cesar, Norte de Santander, Guainía, Guaviare, Vaupés.