PADF first launched the Biodiversity Condominium (ConBio) project in Camp Largo in 2012 to promote the protection of the Atlantic Forest in southern Brazil. The project is funded by the Caterpillar Foundation and is being carried out in collaboration with Sociedade de Pesquisa em Vida Selvagem e Educaçao Ambiental (SPVS), a leading Brazilian conservation organization.

ConBio continues to increase the number of properly managed urban green spaces in the region by educating the public about good environmental practices. The goals is to reduce the impact of climate change and deforestation by encouraging public awareness. PADF and SPVS will continue to support local landowners by offering technical assistance and consolidating a network of stakeholders. The second phase of the project emphasizes supporting public policies.

The ConBio project builds linkages between the local community and its green areas. The project encourages better environmental management and conservation of vital spaces through educational and recreational activities with students, property owners, and employees from Caterpillar.

Protecting the Araucaria tree (Araucaria angustifolia), the most representative specie of the Araucaria Forest ecosystem, and other native flora and fauna in urban areas in Campo Largo’s urban areas is a focus of this project. Less than one percent of the Araucaria Forest remains in the state of Paraná, making the conservation of the Araucaria tree and green areas a matter of regional importance to the biodiversity and sustainable development of Campo Largo and the state of Paraná.

Campo Largo, Paraná, Brazil


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