Food Security in Northwest Haiti

Haiti is one of the most food insecure countries in the world and one in five children suffers from chronic malnutrition. The situation has reached crisis levels due to a lack of rain and skyrocketing prices for food staples, particularly in the country’s northwest. PADF joined with Heifer International, the Haitian Red Cross and the American Red Cross to distribute thousands of goats, chickens, turkeys and pigs to residents of Northwest Haiti to improve food security and provide income.

Eight months after having received their livestock, residents returned the favor to their neighbors: They offered the first litters to others, who in turn will have access to food and opportunities to earn a living.

This program works with thousands of community members to create vegetable gardens for vulnerable families, improve irrigation systems and establish animal breeding centers. Residents also learn about proper nutrition and sanitation through hands-on workshops and events. By learning and applying new farming techniques, Haitian farmers acquire the tools to build a sustainable livelihood.

Northwest Haiti


American Red Cross
Heifer International