Training Women Entrepreneurs in Chile

Funding from Boeing has supported women’s microenterprises and has fostered entrepreneurship in Valparaíso, Chile. This assistance has always been important in a region where about 40% of the households are headed by women and 30% of new established businesses result from the need to sustain a family. The need became even more acute in 2014 when the region was devastated by wildfires that destroyed at least 2,500 homes and left 11,000 people homeless. The fires also affected approximately 1,600 entrepreneurs and their businesses, of which 70% are women. Thanks to funding from Boeing, women received targeted trainings on entrepreneurship and business management from PADF’s local partner, Acción Emprendedora. 

The project also offered  courses on microenterprise management and digital literacy courses that teach technology skills and other marketing tools to help women better market their products.

Valparaíso, Chile


The Boeing Company
Acción Emprendedora