WOMP: Women's Power! in Brazil

Gender inequality in Brazil is a far-reaching problem, evidenced by violence against women and economic disparity between genders. The outlook is particularly grim for women of color, who are disproportionately likely to face poverty, violent abuse, and scant access to power. In the state of Goiás, women and girls struggle with deeply rooted inequality, including low wages and few economic opportunities. Women's income only amounts to 70% of men's income.

There is an evident need for young women to have new opportunities that transcend gender inequality and traditional roles.


Therefore, PADF and partners are launching the Women Power (WOMP) project, which aims to equip young women with the confidence and skills necessary to become entrepreneurs, thereby empowering them to improve their economic situations and well-being.

The innovative WOMP project was designed to combine existing entrepreneurship and start-up methodologies, adapting them specifically for young Brazilian women. During the project, young women aged between 15-25 will attend seminars on topics like leadership skills, communication, compassion, and competitive sense. Trainings will also be held to equip young women with the entrepreneurial skills necessary to succeed, like design thinking and business model generation. Finally, armed with new entrepreneurial skills, young women will establish professional mentoring relationships to support the implementation of their business plans.

In order to implement the project, PADF is partnering with Micro and Small Business Support Service (SEBRAE) of Goiás state, the Goiás State Secretary of Health’s Executive Group on Drugs (GEED), and the Pró-Cerrado Foundation.

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