Cité Soleil, Haiti




Promoting Human Rights and Reducing Poverty for Women and Youth

PADF partnered with the United Nations Mission for Stabilization in Haiti (MINUSTAH) to support the Haitian government in its efforts to promote human rights and poverty reduction for low-income women and youth in vulnerable situations through improved employability and integration of young people by offering them increased vocational training.  The latter training is specifically adapted to immediate needs that can enable them to integrate within the Haitian social fabric as an alternative to crime in order to reduce community violence. 

This program is working with vulnerable youths in the Cité Soleil neighborhoods to provide participants with technical training and access to jobs. This initiative builds upon andexpands PADF’s prior experience developing community-based productiveenterprises through the Urban Project for Participatory Development (PRODEPUR) program. A key strategic focus is to provide technical training and seed capital that can produce immediate employment opportunities in some of the most insecure areas of Port-au-Prince. 

The main objectives are:

  • Train 150 vulnerable young men and women in Cité Soleil in masonry, cosmetology, couture, car repairs, carpentry, among others. PADF has already been implementing workshops in Cité Soleil that provide similar training for local enterprises that are willing to employ the trainees for a period of time so that they gain experience. PADF will also provide support for startup-kits so that beneficiaries can quickly generate productive income activities
  • Strengthen community organizations and other facilities in or near Cité Soleil so that they can support the objectives of the project

Direct Beneficiaries include 150 young men and women from disadvantaged neighborhoods in Cité Soleil and 20 trainers involved in the project.

Cité Soleil, Haiti