Public-Private Partnerships

For 50 years, PADF’s mandate has been to fuse public and private resources to support development in Latin America and the Caribbean. PADF, therefore, is a respected leader in the mobilization of corporate and other private sector funding. PADF works with companies that are looking for innovative, sustainable ways to stimulate job creation, protect human rights, conserve the environment, improve social services and infrastructure, and prepare for and respond to natural disasters quickly, among other priorities. PADF also leverages significant private contributions to match public funds.

Meanwhile, PADF also engages with existing business networks. Under PADF’s strategic alliance with the Association of American Chambers of Commerce in Latin America (AACCLA) to provide disaster relief and assistance, PADF collaborates with 23 American Chambers of Commerce in the region. In some instances, local “AmChams” provide PADF with emergency relief funds to manage on their behalf.

In 2013, corporate partners provided nearly $5 million for programs in 16 countries that focused on maternal health, literacy, youth education and skills training, women and youth empowerment, employment, environmental conservation, entrepreneurship, agricultural production, health and human trafficking prevention.


Learn how PADF implements public-private partnerships to address social and economic development: