Reginald Boulos, M.D.

2nd Vice President

Chamber of Commerce & Industry – Haiti
Chairman and CEO
Boulos Investment Group
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Dr. Boulos is founder and CEO of Boulos Investment Group, which includes Autoplaza S.A., the second largest car dealership in Haiti; Delimart S.A., Haiti’s largest supermarket chain; Multipresse S.A., owner of Vision 2000, a radio station that he co-founded; as well as Le Nouveau Matin, a media group with a newspaper and another radio station.  He is also President of Fond de Parrainage National (FPN), an institution he founded in 1992 to finance schooling for poor elementary school children in Haiti.

Dr. Boulos is past President of the Haitian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and a member of the Haitian American Chamber of Commerce, the Haitian Medical Association, and the Haitian Association of Public Health.

He earned his medical degree in 1981 from the Port-au-Prince School of Medicine in Haiti and in 1982 a Master of Public Health and Tropical Medicine at the Tulane University School of Public Health in New Orleans.  Dr. Boulos is widely published on subjects pertaining to tropical medicine and HIV infection in children and adults.  He also holds certification from the MIT School of Management for senior executives.

In 2003, Dr. Boulos orchestrated the re-engineering of one of the oldest daily newspapers in Haiti, Le Nouveau Matin.  While Chairman of Intercontinental Bank S.A. (1996-1998), he negotiated the merger with Sogebank, Haiti’s largest bank.  In addition to his business endeavors, Dr. Boulos is a longstanding champion of societal improvement in Haiti.  In 1992, he founded the Fond de Parrainage National (FPN), which today finances the education of close to 50,000 elementary school children in Haiti.  He is still its President.  From 1982 to 1996, he was Chair and General Manager of the Centers for Development and Health.  Under his leadership, the Center developed and managed the most comprehensive health program in Haiti, providing health and social services to 550,000 people.  He is still its Chairman.  Dr. Boulos is also the founder of Haiti’s Child Health Institute, a research institution and the Haitian Institute for Community Health, a training institution.

Dr. Boulos currently lives in Haiti and speaks French, English, Creole, and conversational Spanish.